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Frequently Asked Questions

One word… overhead! We are a lean organization. And we would much rather sell a lot of units for a low margin than sell a few with a high margin. So we keep it affordable and moving fast.
Easy! Just click the "Free Design" link in the menu. Using the form, you can upload your artwork and tell us a bit about what you’re looking for, and then our designers will be in touch with a design right away!
From the time we have approved artwork, you can typically expect to wait about a week (give or take a day or two) for the production process and shipping, before you have your shiny new displays in hand.
Call us! Our toll-free number is (844) 242-3412. We'll be happy to answer any questions and work with you until you are thrilled with what we can do for you. Our hours are roughly 8am-8pm EST, M-F.
Our company is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Our production facility is located in China. Your pieces are expertly created there, then shipped directly to you.